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I keep hearing that I should blog about my passion.  Well, I’m a rather passionate doggie, especially when it comes to having fun.  One of the most fun times of the day is morning.

Each morning, when my human mom wakes up, I’m ready with a cheerful greeting.  I always try to kiss her on the lips, but she’s gotten pretty good at dodging that.  When she gets out of bed, I race her to the patio door with my tail waving like a merry little flag.

The door opens onto my patio and I prance out, eager to greet the morning.  While mom admires the garden, I sniff and mark and then I sniff and mark some more.  Mom and I chat for a bit, mostly about what a beautiful morning it is.  When we go back inside, it’s breakfast time.  Breakfast!  Yummy!

After I’ve eaten breakfast and left behind a small bite or two of food, as I always do, mom tries to get my leash on me while I dance with joy.  I can’t wait to get going, and I pull her quickly down the sidewalk to the park.

The park is where I meet with my dog buddies, run, mark, sniff p-mail, bark a little, greet friendly humans.  Sometimes I get to meet new buddies.  Sometimes I race with buddies.  I usually throw in a little hop or skip or jump when I run – an expression of my exuberance!

Sometimes I get to visit with five or six buddies at a time.  That’s a party!  We all run and play while the humans talk about us and how cute we are.  They enjoy it as much as we do.  We eventually start making our happy ways back to our humans, tongues hanging out of our mouths in big grins.  The humans exchange affectionate greetings with all of us and tell us how good we are before putting our leashes on again.

Then we all go our separate ways for the time being.  I trot alongside mom with my tail waving, my ears inside out, and a big smile on my face.

Mornings!  What a great way to start the day.




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  1. baileys funscraps


  2. Abbie, Charlie, Toto, and Star

    Love it.

  3. Phoebe,Alecia and the kitties

    always a joy to read sweetie!

  4. Aw, I wish we had a dog park near us. Those play dates sound like so much fun!

  5. Pat Jordan ,Jacques, Jolie & FRancois

    We used to love the park. But the humans didnt pick up the poop & we kept getting sick. We are happy yoy enjoy your park. We love reading your blog. Especially me Jolie ❤

  6. The Rocky Family

    I know what you mean about Windows 8, that is what we have and can’t do anything. Windows 7 is user friendly I am not sure about Windows 10.
    Love your Blogs.


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