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Mom’s New Job and New Computer

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August 2, 2015


Mom’s dream was to be a work-from-home dog mom, and that dream came true about two months ago.  She was very happy because it means she no longer has to see my sad, longing eyes as she leaves for work.  And I was happy, too, until certain realities butted in.

Just as she got her new job, her six-year old laptop computer – her favorite computer ever! – died.  Dead.  Her only choice was to buy  a new computer.  The good news – it’s brand new, with all the fun that goes into getting acquainted with a new computer.   The bad news – its operating system is Windows 8.

Oh, the agonies of Windows 8.  I won’t go into all of them.  It’s best to forget mom’s frustration, her desire to throw the computer against the wall, her yelling at a technician who treated her as if she had never used a computer before (though she told him several times that she’s been using computers for 20 years).  To make this long story short – it was weeks before she and Windows 8 could communicate well.

The situation was complicated because, while learning to navigate the accursed Windows 8, she also had a very large project to complete for her new job.  And it needed to be completed in two weeks.  So there she was – struggling to do an excellent job with an uncooperative computer.  But she was determined to prevail!

Everything worked out very well in the end, and I think it was due to me.  Whenever she sat down to use the computer, I jumped up into her lap to remind her of the most important thing in life – me!  She can’t resist my cuteness and loving nature.  Petting me helped her to relax, and I enjoyed the attention.

Now I’m in her lap every second she uses the computer.  I’ve learned to make myself very heavy and floppy, so she literally can’t get me off her lap in spite of her efforts to do so.  I have no idea why she wouldn’t want to hold me while she’s using the computer.  She complains about having to type with one hand.  She says my head blocks her view of the screen.  She doesn’t like it when I paw at the keyboard while she’s typing.

I thought she wanted to work from home so she could keep me amused, cuddle me, pet me, hold me in her lap all day.

Correct me if I’m wrong!


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  1. Gail Watson (Abbie and family)

    thanks for the update

  2. You’re not the first pup I’ve heard of who takes over Mom’s lap while she’s at the computer! Good job!

  3. Sandy,Phoebe,Alecia& Kitties

    we know Mom appreciate how inspirational you are. So happy things are going good.

  4. Pat Jordan ,Jacques, Jolie & FRancois

    Me Jolie wuvs to be on mommies lap & Francois so just imagine her much fun she has typing for us NOT BOL

  5. me cammy would love to sit on moms lap but shes says I’m too big. whats up with that. bol. thanks for the update


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