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Play Day

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August 8, 2015

These long, hot summer days mean fewer and shorter walks for me.  Mom hasn’t been taking me to the park and when we walk in the neighborhood, I see very few dogs out walking their humans.  Apparently, humans are less active when it’s 108 degrees and humid.

I was getting  kind of bored and mopey, so a few days ago Mom took me to visit my friend Mickey.  When I first got to his house, we kissed each other’s faces, barked happily, and chased each other all at once!  What a joyous greeting!

We ran through the house, barking, our tails and ears wagging.  Then we ran out the doggie door and chased each other around the yard for a while.  Then we had a leg-lifting contest and went back inside where we drank water together out of the same doggie dish.

We walked around inside the house, panting, with big smiles on our furry faces.  Eventually, we each settled down with a toy and chewed silently while watching each other from the corners of our eyes.  Sometimes one of us would look up, ears perked, and softly “woof” at the other.  The one who was “woofed” at would hold his toy closer and chew it more enthusiastically for a while.

Finally, the mellowness which follows a well-played afternoon took over, and we napped.

When Mom and I got home, I thanked her with a blitz – running through the house and jumping on and off furniture.  She laughed and told me I’m cute and funny, and she hugged me.  That was a fitting cap to a fun day.